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Family Group Sheets

Family Group Sheets in one form or another have been used for a long time to record the people in our family tree. The precept is the same whether it is a paper or computer entry. The overall goal is to record the name and the dates of events for that person’s life. When we record a date and event we need to also record the source information for that event. To lend credibility to your work always record your source information and where you found it.


  1. This family will be from a person on a pedigree chart. Enter the number of this person on the Family Group Sheet. This will help you track this family and quickly identify them in your family tree.
  2. Record names, dates, and places. Write down the source information for each event.
  3. If you do not know the full names, write down initials. If you know only a last name for a spouse, record that as well.
  4. All uncommon first name entries should be noted or underlined to show you know they are unusual and not mistaken entries. Give sources for the name information.
  5. If you find other marriages for either the husband or wife, start another group sheet for this marriage and record this information separately.
  6. In the upper right corner enter the name and address of the group sheet preparer. Your computer program will have a data entry form for the preparer information as well.
  7. If you have a direct ancestor on the group sheet, record your relationship to the person and who they are to you, parent, grandparent, great-grandparent etc.
  8. If any children are twins, adopted, or stillborn, place this information in notes after the children’s name.
  9. As each Family Group sheet is completed, a new one for each married child should be started even if they are not a direct line ancestor. Sometime you will want to do collateral line research to fill in missing information on your direct line. Notes or information from a collateral line can often help supply this information.
Family Group Sheet Family Group Sheet