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Hitchcock County Towns and Places

Named in honor of Phineas Warrener Hitchcock (1831-81), United States senator from Nebraska at the time of the county's organization in 1873. Its boundaries were defined by an act approved February 27, 1873.
  • Beverly
    Peak population (1910 and 1940), 35. Post office established June 23, 1881; discontinued 1945. Former village on the Burlington Railroad named for Beverly, Massachusetts, and platted in 1887.
  • Blackwood
    Post office established December 16, 1884; discontinued June 13, 1893. Named for its location on Blackwood Creek.
  • Cornell
    Post office established June 14, 1880; discontinued October 15, 1920. Origin of the name not learned. Precinct has the same name.
  • Cove
    Post office established July 30, 1900; rescinded October 27, 1900. Named for a charachteristic feature of the land along a creek.
  • Culbertson
    Peak population (1940), 815. Post office established September 10, 1873. Named in honor of Alexander Culbertson, well known Indian agent and fur trader. Culbertson was made county seat upon formation of the county August 30, 1873, but lost it in election with Trenton in 1894.
  • Dike
    Post office established July 25, 1888; discontinued September 7, 1898. Origin of the name not learned.
  • Driftwood
    Post office established February 12, 1880; discontinued May 26, 1888. Named for its site on the Driftwood Creek.
  • Frontier
    Post office established February 18, 1879; name changed to Stratton July 22, 1881. Named for its fromtier location or for its proximity to Frontier County.
  • Meeker
    Former station on the Burlington Railroad. One source says named for C. H. Meeker of McCook, Nebraska. Another says namedd for Charles W. Meeker of Imperial, by Ed Flynn, a friend of Burlington Railroad division superintendent at McCook.
  • Palisade
    Peak population (1940), 799. Post office established February 25, 1880. Named by Samuel True because of the irregular terrain resembling palisades in the vicinity.
  • Poe
    Former station on the Burlington Railroad named by company officials.
  • Rill
    Post office established July 25, 1888; discontinued December 12, 1893. Former station on the Burlington Railroad.
  • Rupert
    Former station on the Burlington Railroad. Located near Trenton.
  • Scudder
    Post office established July 19, 1892; discontinued April 16, 1894. Origin of the name not learned.
  • Stratton
    Peak population (1930), 660. Post office name changed from Frontier July 22, 1881. Town named in honor of a Mrs. Stratton, one of the first settlers, was platted in 1883.
  • Trail
    Post office established February 27, 1880; discontinued May 9, 1881. Probably named for the Texas-Ogallala cattle trail that passed nearby.
  • Trail City
    Probably on the site of Trenton before a post office was established.
  • Trenton
    Peak population (1950), 1299. Post office established December 8, 1884. Named for Trenton, New Jersey, it won the county seat in 1894 election with Culbertson.