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Gosper County Resources

Gosper County Towns and Places

Gosper Coounty was named in honor of John J. Gosper (1842-1913), secretary of state of Nebraska. County organized August 29, 1873. Organization was legalized and the boundaries defined by an act approved March 2, 1881.
  • Arbuta
    Post office established September 4, 1883; discontinued January 16, 1893. Origin of the name not learned.
  • Ceryl
    Post office established October 4, 1880; discontinued August 31, 1904. Named in honor of Dr. Ceryl J. Laurent, first postmaster.
  • Cora
    Post office established September 11, 1883; moved to Dawson County October 22, 1883. Origin of the name unknown. First postmaster was Alfred Price.
  • Daviesville
    Peak population (1890), 65. Post office established March 19, 1874; discontinued July 21, 1887. Former town named in honor of John Davies, first county judge of Gosper County. It became first county seat November 26, 1873. A courthouse was never built, and records were kept by officials in their homes. Daviesville lost county seat election to Homerville in August 1882.
  • Elwood
    Peak population (1980), 716. Post office name changed from Mick November 16, 1885. One source says this county seat named for Elwood Thomas, homesteader, by A. B. Smith, townsite builder. Anothe source says town named for Elwood Calvert, for forty years chief engineer and later superintendent of the Burlington Railroad. Elwood won county seat in bitter election with Homerville in 1888. County seat removal made in 1889 with most Homerville buildings moved to Elwood.
  • Essex
    Post office established December 14, 1892; moved to Frontier County September 22, 1894. Origin of the name not learned. Probably named for an English location.
  • Gosper
    Census not available. Post office established May 4, 1880; discontinued May 2, 1906. Former town named for the county.
  • Highland
    Post office established January 12, 1885; discontinued October 27, 1887, description for an elevated area.
  • Hillier
    Post office established August 31, 1883; discontinued February 12, 1884. Origin of the name unknown.
  • Homerville
    Census not available. Post office name changed from Vaughn November 23, 1883; changed to Milton January 11, 1890. Former county seat named in honor of Homer Walt, who donated land for the town and courthouse. Homerville won county seat over Daviesville and another rival in August 1882. Burlington Railroad bypassed the town in favor of Elwood, which won the county seat from Homerville in bitter election of 1888.
  • Johnson's Ranch
    Post office established December 3, 1878; discontinued January 23, 1882. Named in honor of Elijah D. Johnson, first postmaster, on whose ranch the post office was established.
  • Judson
    Post office established December 30, 1874; discontinued August 28, 1876. Origin of the name unknown. First postmaster was Orin Judd.
  • Mick
    Post office established June 10, 1884; name changed to Elwood November 16, 1885. Origin of the name not learned.
  • Milton
    Post office name changed from Homerville January 11, 1890; discontinued July 23, 1901. Origin of the name not learned. First postmaster was John R. Lord.
  • Smithfield
    Peak population (1920), 229. Post office established May 23, 1891. Village named in honor of E. B. Smith. With the coming of the railroad, the town was platted in Smith's field on a quarter section of land.
  • Tracyville
    Post office established February 27, 1880; discontinued May 14, 1886. Named for either John Tracy, early settler or Otis Tracy, first postmaster.
  • Union Ridge
    Post office established June 3, 1879; discontinued January 26, 1887. Probably named by a Union Civil War veteran living in the area.
  • Vaughn
    Post office name changed from Vaughn's Ranch September 20, 1880; changed to Homerville November 23, 1883.
  • Vaughn's Ranch
    Post office established February 2, 1877; name changed to Vaughn September 20, 1880. Named for Benjamin and Enoch Vaughn, early settlers.