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Frontier County Towns and Places

Named for its geographic location in a frontier region of sparse settlement. County organized January 17, 1872.
  • Afton
    Post office established October 14, 1874; discontinued May 29, 1893. Probably named for Afton, Iowa.
  • Bartonville
    Post office established August 10, 1885; discontinued March 20, 1886. Named for Robert A. Barton, first postmaster.
  • Centerpoint
    Census not available. Post office established February 18, 1901; discontinued February 28, 1919. Former town named for its location in the center of the township.
  • Colebank
    Post office established May 8, 1909; discontinued May 31, 1910. Probably named for C. C. Colebank, who established and operated a store.
  • Cupid
    Post office established August 10, 1885; discontinued January 31, 1889. Probably named for a betrothed couple or for the Roman god of love.
  • Curtis
    Peak population (1910) 1166. Post office established April 11, 1877. Town named for a trapper called Curtis who settled at the mouth of the creek also named for him. Town platted by the Lincoln Land Company.
  • Earl
    Post office established August 22, 1884; discontinued March 31, 1916. Named for Earl Childs, son of Postmaster E. S. Childs, owner of store and post office.
  • Equality
    Post office established August 19, 1875; discontinued October 2, 1882. Probably named for President Abraham Lincoln's pronouncements concerning slavery during the Civil War. There is also an Equality, Illinois.
  • Essex
    Post office established April 1, 1896; moved to Gosper County January 31, 1906. Settled by English immigrants who probably came from Essex town or county in England.
  • Eustis
    Peak population (1980), 460. Post office name changed from Somerset September 4, 1896. The Lincoln Land Company purchased the townsite and named it in honor of P. S. Eustis, passenger agent for the Burlington Railroad.
  • Fandon
    Post office established April 28, 1887; discontinued September 7, 1899. Probably named for Fandon New York.
  • Freedom
    Post office established February 10, 1886; discontinued Octobeer 27, 1887. Probably named for a Union Civil War veteran who recalled the liberation of the slaves.
  • Havana
    Post office established August 5, 1899; discontinued January 5, 1918. Probably named for Havana, Cuba , famous during the Spanish-American War.
  • Hopewell
    Post office established February 1886; discontinued April 16, 1887. Probably named for a Hopewell, one of five such towns in America.
  • Hunt
    Post office established June 8, 1905; discontinued January 31, 1916. Named for Isaac Hunt, first postmaster, who had the office in conjunction with his store.
  • Kingston
    Station on the Burlington Railroad. Located near Eustis and Nebraska's largest silica mine.
  • Knowles
    Post office established April 25, 1884; discontinued April 19, 1886. Named in honor of Charles H. Knowles, first postmaster.
  • Laird
    Post office established February 24, 1881; name changed to Maywood August 1, 1881. Named in honor of James Laird, early settler. Name changed because of connection of trails and merchandise for Laird, Colorado, which was on the same railroad line.
  • Long
    Post office established May 26, 1884; discontinued December 28, 1887. Probably named for a homesteader.
  • Maywood
    Peak population (1920) 533. Post office name changed from Laird August 1, 1881. Named for May Wood, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Isreal Wood, original owners of the townsite. Town platted by Lincoln Land Company after Wood sold the land to Harry Phillips.
  • Moody
    Post office established February 10, 1886; discontinued April 29, 1886. Origin of the name not learned.
  • Moorefield
    Post office established June 10, 1886. Town first called Moore's Field for a Mr. Moore, original owner of townsite.
  • Norris
    Post office moved from Hayes County June 20, 1907; moved to Hayes County November 15, 1927. See Norris, Hayes County.
  • Orafino
    Post office established February 16, 1880; discontinued 1953. One source says named by H. C. Rogers for iron pyrites found in Mitchell Creek. Orafino, in Spanish, means fine ore. Another source suggests that the name derives from Orfin, a Swedish town, and was proposed by surveyor Nels Deulor.
  • Osborn
    Post office established September 30, 1879; discontinued December 31, 1913. Named in honor of David Osborn, first postmaster.
  • Quick
    Post office established January 26, 1887; discontinued 1945. Named in honor of M. W. Quick, first postmaster.
  • Rimmer
    Community in the 1890's.
  • Russell
    Post office established March 26, 1883; discontinued September 8, 1899. Probably named in honor of James F. Russell, early settler.
  • Saint Ann
    Post office established September 15, 1903; discontinued 1944. Presumably named for nearby St. Ann Church. There was a store adjacent to the church.
  • Somerset
    Post office established September 5, 1884; name changed to Eustis September 4, 1886. Probably named for one of the eleven places in the U. S. called Somerset or for a county in England.
  • Steuben
    Post office established February 5, 1885; discontinued November 2, 1887. Reason for name not learned, but it is German in origin.
  • Stockville
    Peak population (1900), 269. Post office established August 19, 1873. Town was made county seat when county organized. Staked out by W. L. McClary. Stockville was named by Samuel Watts, early settler, for the surrounding ranch country.
  • Stowe
    Post office established July 24, 1878; discontinued July 19, 1893. Probably named for Harriet Beecher Stowe, authur of Uncle Tom's Cabin.
  • Thornburg
    Post office moved from Hayes County September 21, 1888; moved to Hayes County September 21, 1924. Probably named for Thornburg, Iowa.
  • Zimmer
    Post office established March 15, 1888; discontinued December 24, 1898. Named in honor of Peter J. Zimmer, first postmaster.