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Dundy County Towns and Places

Named in honor of Judge Elmer S. Dundy (1830~96) of the U. S. Circuit Court, who was prominent in Nebraska politics. County created by legislative enactment February 27, 1873.
  • Allston
    Peak population (1890), 15. Post office established February 29, 1888, discontinued December 16, 1907. Former hamlet intended to honor David Rollston. The name was to similar to Ralston, Douglas County, and postal authorities used the name Allston. Charles W. Towle and John Hildebrand set aside a forty acre tract for town lots in 1887. Town vied unsuccessfully for county seat.
  • Arakan
    Dundy County History lists Arakan as a post office from April 1879 to February 22, 1880, on star route from Culbertson, Nebraska: Jake Haigler listed as postmaster. Located on Haigler Ranch
  • Benkelman
    Peak population (1950), 1,512. Post office name changed from Collinsville June 29, 1885. County seat town named in honor of J. G. Benkelman, stockraiser by Burlington Railroad officials.
  • Burntwood City
    After railroad bypassed this platted town, it was abandoned.
  • Callison
    Post office established July 3, 1896; discontinued May 29, 1905. Probably named in honor of Caalison C. Richards, a settler.
  • Calvert
    Census not avaliable. Post office established February 18, 1886; discontinued July 31, 1911. Former town probably named for Lincoln, Nebraska, resident Thomas E. Calvert, superintendent of the Burlington Railroad.
  • Circle Ranch
    The Leavenworth Pikes Peak Stage Line entered Dundy County at this location.
  • Colfer
    Former station on the Burlington Railroad named in honor of Thomas Colfer, an attorney from McCook, Nebraska.
  • Collinsville
    Post office established Decemeber 6, 1880, name changed to Benkelman June 29, 1885. Named in honor of Moses Collins, a settler.
  • Connor's 25 Ranch
    The town of Collinsville was probably built on part of this ranch.
  • Crab Island
    Former church and school community located one mile north of Callison, which existed about 1898. Grasshopper invasion, drought, and religious differences brought about its downfall.
  • Doane
    Station on the Burlington Railroad. Named in honor of Thomas Doane, superintendent of the Burlington system.
  • Dundy Centre
    Town proposed for a county seat by homesteader Samuel Shinner, who wanted the site on his farm in the center of the county. Shinner surveyed lots to start a boom in 1887. Benkelman, however, won the county seat following an election and Dundy Centre disappeared.
  • Elmer
    Said to be a post office before Collinsville and operated on a star route from Culbertson from 1878 to 1880. Mrs. Elmer Miller listed as first postmistress. Site was probably on Conner's 25 Ranch or Elmer Miller Ranch.
  • Haigler
    Peak population (1930), 535. Post office established October 5, 1882. Town named in honor of Jacob Haigler, ranchman.
  • Hancock
    Post office established June 26, 1888; discontinued June 30, 1911. Probably named for Gen. Winfield Scott Hancock, Union Army officer in the Civil War and presidental candidate in 1880.
  • Hiawatha
    Peak population (1930), 31. Post office name changed from Neel October 10, 1889; discontinued 1933 Former town named Hiawatha Academy under Rev. Herbert Mott and erected by the Society of Friends. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow popularized the name with his poem "Hiawatha." There is a Hiawatha, Kansas.
  • Hoover
    Former community sometimes called Pink Prairie and named for Nebraska Master Farmer William E. Hoover.
  • Ives
    Post office established December 30, 1887; name changed to Parks December 19, 1888. Named for D. O. Ives, manager of Oak Cattle Company on upper Rock Creek, sometimes known as Rock Creek Ranch.
  • Jacobs
    Post office established February 13, 1886; discontinued July 25, 1888. Named in honor of Postmaster Joshua R. Jacobs.
  • Kaw
    Post office established June 15, 1908; discontinued August 15, 1916. Probably named for the Kaw Indians of Kansas.
  • Lamont
    Post office established August 11, 1893; discontinued 1935. Probably commemorates Daniel Scott Lamont, secretary of war under President Grover Cleveland.
  • Lux
    Census not available. Post office name changed from Norton April 15, 1909; discontinued June 15, 1918 Named by Inspector A. F. Rice from an Indian word meaning light. The town was to be named for Postmaster George West, but he refused to allow it.
  • Max
    Peak population (1960), 150. Post office established March 28, 1881. Town named in honor of Max Monvoisin French Canadian settler, first postmaster, and businessman.
  • Neel
    Post office established February 10, 1886; name changed to Hiawatha October 10, 1889. Named in honor of James Neel, first postmaster.
  • Norton
    Post office established May 9, 1906; name changed to Lux April 15, 1909. Named in honor of Monroe L. Norton, first postmaster. Name was changed to avoid confusing railroad shipments to Norton, Kansas.
  • Ough
    Peak population (1890), 25. Post office established February 13, 1886; discontinued January 31, 1912 Town named in honor of John Ough, first postmaster and for brothers William, James and Henry.
  • Parks
    Census not available. Post office name changed from Ives December 19, 1888. Former town probably named for Col. S. B. Parks of the U. S. Survey of 1867.
  • Pink Prairie
    Former church community in the Hoover area.
  • Republican Forks
    Name attached to the Elmer, Collinsville, Benkelman area prior to 1875.
  • Rollwitz
    Post office established June 23, 1902; discontinued November 30, 1918. Probably named in honor of Adolph Rollwitz, Kinkaid homesteader and rancher.
  • Rosewater
    Post office established June 30, 1892; discontinued July 25, 1894. Origin of the name not learned. Edward Rosewater was editor of the Omaha Bee when the office was established.
  • Sanborn
    Census not available. Post office established March 21, 1906; discontinued May 15, 1926. Former town on the Burlington Railroad named in honor of J. E. Sanborn, homesteader on land where the town was platted. He later became a Burlington engineer.
  • Sandwich
    Post office established May 13, 1886; discontinued April 14, 1887. Named for Sandwich, Massachusetts, or for the location; it was "sandwiched" between the Parsons Ranch and the Circle Ranch.
  • Union
    Community Center, school house, and voting place in Hoover Precinct, sometimes called Hoover.