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BARTLEY Indianola Precinct, from Bartley: Hwys 6&34 go 1 mile north, east side of road.
BOX ELDER Box Elder Precinct, from McCook: Hwys 6&34 and East 11th go north 5 miles, then east 1 mile, follow road for 2 miles, on the west side of the road.
DANBURY Danbury - Lebanon Precinct: Danbury - Marion Cemetery: South on hwy 83 to hwy 89 junction, east to Marion, NE then 1 mile east, north 1 1/2 miles, on west side of the road.
INDIANOLA Indianola Cemetery, from Indianola: 6&34, 1 mile north, 1 1/2 miles west, north side of the road. St. Catherines Catholic Cemetery, south side of the road. Cedar Grove Cemetery part of the Indianola Cemetery.
LEBANON Lebanon City Cemetery: From Lebanon, 1/2 mile west, 1/2 mile south.
MCCOOK Willow Grove Precinct, Riverview Cemetery: Hwy 6 & 34, Hwy 83 North Junction, West B St. in McCook
MCCOOK Willow Grove Precinct, Calvary Cemetery: Hwy 83 east 1/4 block on J st. north side of the road.
MCCOOK Willow Grove Precinct, Memorial Park (Longview) Cemetery: located on the east side of Calvary Cemetery.


ALLIANCE PRECINCT Dry Creek Cemetery: From Bartley; 2 miles north, west 1 mile, east side of road.
BONDVILLE PRECINCT St. Johns (Ashcreek) Cemetery: 1 mile east of Red Willow School on Hwys 6&34, first road south for 5 miles, then west for 1 mile, then south for 1 mile, east side of the road. Grave stone photo's are posted, simply click on the name of the individuals stone you want to see.
COLEMAN PRECINCT Zion Hill Cemetery: Hwys 6&34 west of McCook 5 miles to Perry Grain, north 3 miles, gravel road west.


Stoughton Cemetery, if anyone has a listing of burials in this cemetery, please contact the webmaster on the Contact Page.
GERVER PRECINCT Pleasant Prairie Cemetery: South on Hwy 83 for 5 miles to Elmer Lofton Farm get directions thru farmland.
INDIANOLA PRECINCT Trinity Lutheran Cemetery: From Bartley, 5 miles south on east side of road.
LEBANON OR BEAVER PRECINCT Hamburg Cemetery: From McCook, Hwy 83 south to Hwy 89, east to Danbury first road north 1 1/2 miles, east side of the road.
RED WILLOW PRECINCT Church of Christ Cemetery: From Indianola, Hwys 6&34, 4 miles west of town, at Red Willow School, turn north for 1 mile on northeast side of road.
TYRONE PRECINCT Tyrone Cemetery: South Hwy 83 to Hwy 89, east to Danbury then to Lebanon, north 1 mile, 1 mile west, north 1 1/2 mile, east side of road.
VALLEY GRANGE OR WILLOW GROVE PRECINCT Fairview Cemetery (abandoned): From McCook, southeast of town on hwy 83 for 5 1/2 miles, east 1 mile, south 1 mile, on west side of road.


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