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1917 Platmap This link will take you to the 1917 Platmap Selection Page. You can select precints by clicking on the precinct name.
Soldiers This is a list of men that served in the War of the Rebellion, The Spanish American War, and the Great War. The information came from the book A Roster of Soldiers Sailors and Marines.
World War I, II Soldiers Hitchcock County Soldier "Service Record, World War I and II Trenton and Community"

The following list of materials is located at the SWNGS library for researchers.

Hitchcock County Collection


Hitchcock County Records Vol. 1 Paul Riley

Hitchcock County Records Vol. 2 Paul Riley

Hitchcock County Records Vol. 3 Paul Riley

Farmers Highline Journal Vol. 1

Farmers Highline Journal Vol. 2

Cornell Cemetery

Trenton Dam & Swanson Lake 1949  x2

Trinity Methodist Church 1882-1982

Historical Facts Concerning Culbertson 1867-1967

Farm & Ranch Directory 1966

Farm & Ranch Directory 1967

Farm & Ranch Directory 1989

Rose Hill Cemetery, Stratton, NE

Hitchcock County Massacre Canyon Battle Centennial

Hitchcock County Atlas 1896 & 1906

Trenton Cemetery Register

Historic Building Survey Report

Hitchcock County History 1873-1989  x2

Culbertson Cemetery Book

NE History 1973 Articles on Hitchcock County


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