Stmatthew Church Bell


This church was located northwest of Arapahoe. The church was active from the 1890's through the 1960's. The church is now gone but the cemetery remains. The following links take you to the transcriptions of the register that was kept by the ministers of the church. You will note that the earliest entries are in German and progress to English in the later years. The original register is in the possesion of the Trinity Lutheran Church in Arapahoe. It is in very poor condition and they will no longer allow copies to be made.

Tauf Register This register is for the birth and christinings of babies and new members. Most entries list the parents with mothers Maiden name.
Confirmation Register This register is for confirmation of church members. Gives name of confirment, and generally the parents names.
Trau Register This is the marriages performed in the church. Gives names of bride and groom and in most cases the parents also.
Burial Register This register is for funerals performed at the church. Date of death and burial and cause of death. Children sometimes listed.
Members Register This register is a census of the members for 1918. Lists all members and family relationship.


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