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The following pages are scanned images from a MHS 1909 Annual. This annual is unusual in that it contains a very good history of McCook and a large number of pictures. The original annual was 6 by 9 inches and contained 111 pages. There was no table of contents or an index. The annual contains all of the McCook alumni from the first graduate through 1909. The alumni list also gives married names and where they are living in 1909. This should be a tremendous help for researching a family that may have lived in McCook. The scanned image contents has not been altered with the exception of changing the brightness level and gamma level to darken the text for better viewing. To return to this page after viewing an image of the annual just click on the Back Button.

High School Title Page Tribute to George Thomas Picture George Thomas
Board of Editors Preface List of Faculty High School Faculty
List of Grade Teachers Pictures of Grade Teachers List Board of Education Picture Board of Education
Picture Assembly Room Penmanship Contest Picture West Ward Picture East Ward
Preparatory West Ward First Grade West Ward Preparatory East Ward Preparatory South Ward
New Frame East First Central Building First Grade East Ward South Ward, Round House
2nd Grade East Ward 2nd Grade West Ward 3rd Grade West Ward 3rd Grade East Ward
4th Grade West Ward 4th Grade East Ward 5th Grade B East Ward 5th Grade A East Ward
6th Grade East Ward 6th A & 7th B Central 7th Grade A Central Carnagie Library
Historical Facts 8th Grade Central 8th Grade A Central Red Willow Court House
First Settlement text image Railroad Yards East Land Office text image Old & New Engines
Beautiful Location text image Railroad Yards West Manufacturing cont. text Masonic Temple Theatre
Engine Specifications text Old & New Engines Lighting Companies text The Library text
C.B.& Q Engine 2810 First Congregational Church German Congregational Methodist Episcopal Church
Episcopal Chapel Christian Church Evangelical Lutheran text Advent Church
Baptist Church St. Patricks Church Division Headquarters text West end Labratory
Freshies Class of 1912 picture Sophomores Class of 1911 picture
Juniors Class of 1910 picture School Stats. text Honor Students 1909 picture
Expense Budget text Non Resident Pupils picture Teaching Corps text Girls Glee Club picture
Text Books text Boys Glee Club picture Accredited School cont. text High School Band picture
Normal Training cont text Girls Basket Ball Team Normal Training cont text Boys Basket Ball Team
High School Band cont text Base Ball Club picture Poses of some seniors Seniors
James Gollehon

Tracie DeLong

Ray Jordan

Fay Stayner

Jay Browne

Blanche Bowen

Max Hare

Frances Hughes

Marguerrite McAdams

Hazel Merle

Florence Simmons

Inez Clark

Minnie Middleton

Inez Mills

Paul Benjamin

Margaret Doyle

Gordon Hartman

Virginia Heckman

Ona Dwyer

Class Organization

Class Yell

Wit and Humor
Most Brillant Bunch Class Will to Juniors The Faculty The Ten Commandments
Senior Stats text Wouldn't it Look Funny text Examples For The School Board of Education
William Valentine picture Alumni Class 1886 to 1895 Alumni Class 1896 to 1898 Alumni Class 1899 to 1903
Alumni Class 1903 to 1907 Alumni Class 1907 to 1909 The End  

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