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The homesteaders first filed for Homestead land at Lowell, Nebraska. The Land Office was moved from Lowell to Bloomington in 1874 and was open for land filings until Dec 31, 1890. Both of these buildings are at Pioneer Village in Minden.

Sod House


Spring 2019

We are now located at the Merit Building Suite M3. A good location in downtown McCook on C street between west 1st and Norris Avenue. Shopping, restaurants and parking are within walking distance. The entrance to Suite M 3 is on the north side of the building on C street. An elevator is available to the "M" level suite's. Suite M 3 contains the library as well as a nice research center, which is wifi accessible. The library will be open for researchers on Tuesday's and Thursday's from 1:00 to 4:00 PM

Next Meeting : 13 July 2019 at 1:00 PM, Everyone is welcome to attend.  

For research questions pertaining to Red Willow or South West Nebraska please contact South West Nebraska Genealogical Society or Sherrie Dack. Material that has been copyrighted and published after 1923 I cannot use on the website. Every item found on these pages has been extracted from actual documents with the exception of submitted stories.

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The Southwest Nebraska Genealogical Society is a non-profit organization formed in 1975 whose purpose is to 1) create and foster interest in and unite persons interested in the pursuit and study of genealogy and family history; 2) encourage the preservation of public and private records; 3) promote programs of education which support the growth and development of these fields and 4) contribute and maintain genealogical materials and equipment in the SWNGS library saving genealogical documents for future generations. As a society we are interested in the Southwest Nebraska Counties of Red Willow, Frontier, Hayes, Hitchcock, Chase and Dundy. Our address is P.O. Box 156, McCook, NE 69001-0156. The library is available to all that want to use it, you must be a member to check out books.


This page contains the Constitution and bylaws of the society. We are a non profit society and have a charter under 501 C 3 of the tax code.
This page has a listing of some of the books at the genealogy library. The listing here is for Red Willow County and State of Nebraska books we have. We also have an extensive collection of books for researching DAR/SAR Patriot lines, as well as Mayflower lines.
This page is an application form to join the society. Membership is renewed on an annual basis, and runs January 1st to December 31.
This page has the current officers of the Southwest Nebraska Genealogical Society. The bylaws of the society allows an officer to hold a post for two years when elected to it.
This page will have links to forms that have been created for use with the Adobe Reader. The forms will have fields that can be filled out and printed from Adobe Reader.


This is a new addition. We hope to list Patriot ancestor's of people living in Red Willow County. If you had a Patriot Ancestor and would like him listed contact SWNGS
We hope to list Civil War Veterans that lived in Red Willow County, as well as Civil War Veteran ancestors of people that live in Red Willow County. We would like to list GAR, Union Soldiers and Confederate Soldiers. We would like to have the soldiers name and unit/units he served with as well as rank. If you have a picture we would love to put it up and linked to your soldier. If you had a Civil War Ancestor and would like him listed contact SWNGS
This page is for the cemetery index of the Red Willow County, Nebraska cemeteries.
1906 McCook Census This page is for the 1906 City of McCook census. It lists all the individuals in the household.
This page is an index of available court records. The society has the first 55 volumes of the Red Willow County records. The 55 volumes go from the beginning of the county through 1975. The Red Willow County courthouse does not have a copy of these records. If you find an item in these records, and would like a copy, contact SWNGS
This is an index of the probate records by surname. The index includes those that were processed in Probate court from the beginning of the county to 1985.
This is an index of HIGH SCHOOL graduates in Red Willow County. As graduating classes are submitted they will be added to the index. If you have a class you would like posted please submit it. At the present time I only have classes from the McCook High School and the Indianola High School.
This page is an index to take you to the individual volumes of the marriage records. Once on a volume page you can do a quick search of the page by pressing the Ctrl and F key at the same time. Just type in the surname you are searching for and select Find Next. This will cause a search of the whole document for the name you are looking for.
This page is an index of the landowners in 1905. The landowners are listed by the precinct they owned land in. The owner is listed as well as the land description and how many acres he owned. If a church or school was on the land it will be listed in the notes column. There were 2,878 land owners in 1905. This index could serve as a census of sorts to show where someone lived.

This page will be a index table of the early McCook newspaper extractions for the Births, Marriages and Deaths. The information presented will be for the town of McCook and surrounding area. The early papers were the McCook Republican, McCook Democrat, and the McCook Tribune.
This is an index of the Carpenter Funeral Home for 1890 ~ 1900, and 1900 ~ 1910.
This is a table of the individuals listed in the newspaper obituary for the years 1960 ~ 2000.
Obituaries for McCook Daily Gazette The McCook Daily gazette has a collection of the obituaries it has printed since 2002. The best way to search would be with the last name of the person you are looking for, and then sort through the returned names.
Pioneers Dream This book was published by the McCook Daily Gazette in 1932. It covers the first 50 years of McCook and Red Willow County. The cover picture shows a pioneer journey west with the town of McCook reflected in the face of the moon.
This link will take you to the images of the 1905 Red Willow County Plat Map.

Southwest Nebraska Counties

This link will take you to the county selection page. This page will allow access to the counties that we have research material for. The printed records in the SWNGS library collection is listed with it's county page. You will also find online records for the county you select. More online records will be added as time permits.
This will take you to the Sanborn map index page. At the present time we have the 1889 through 1921 maps for McCook. If you have access to Sanborn maps for other towns in South West Nebraska please contact us.

This will take you to the school census index page. The earliest census we found was for the year 1886. The school census was and is taken every year to determine the number of children that will be in school. The entire family is listed for the particular school district they were in.
The following surname indexes of World War I draft registration cards contains about 2,300 men from Red Willow County. Information found for an individual includes: name, place of residence, date and place of birth, race, occupation, and employer.
This annual contains the McCook highschool graduating class of 1909. A bonus in the annual is all of the previous graduates are listed. Many pictures of McCook are included.


This is one research site everyone should use. This site is the best most comprehensive list of holdings at the National Archives.
This site is the Government Land Office Bureau of Land Management. This site contains the images of the original land patents and grants back to the early 1800's. Many of your ancestors bought or obtained land by grant or patent. Land records prove a persons location at a particular time.
Civil War System This site is for the American Civil War Soldiers and Sailors system. This is a National Parks supported site and is very good. Simply type in the name you are looking for and if that name is in the data base it will return information on that person.
This site is for the Nebraska Online services, the Nebraska Virtual Library. My Heritage is part of this service, they have all of the scanned images of the census records for all states. To use this site simply enter your Nebraska Drivers license number, all Nebraska residence have free access with a drivers license.





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